Tradition is a term that is often associated with golf. Unfortunately, it’s not helpful when it comes to introducing kids to golf. Traditional golf courses and conventional golf clubs limit access and playability for most kids—and that’s what we’re working to change.

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Changing the Game

We have flipped the traditional golf paradigm on its head by helping bring golf to kids around the United States. Working with the Payne Stewart Golf Experiences, we assist in creating unique spaces to play and learn golf in unconventional places closer to home, allowing greater access to the sport for lower-income and inner-city families. The unique, games-based play program and modified learning equipment make it easier for kids to hit the ball and experience early success.

A Groundbreaking Golf Program

Golf is the only sport that traditionally does not use modified equipment and reduced field or court dimensions for kids. The golf learning programs we support are the first and only to combine the use of modified golf equipment and off-course learning locations to give families with kids greater access to the fun of golf without having to purchase their own clubs!

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The program takes a fun approach to teaching the fundamentals of golf and life, with a focus in several key areas.


Faith-based camps and clinics teach character-building virtues in a fun and memorable way.


Putting, chipping, pitching, and the full swing are all taught through games, simple repetitive motions, and learning rhymes that make it easy for young kids to remember and repeat.


Different activities, balls, and objects are incorporated to help kids learn the golf motion and the importance of direction and distance!

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Fundraising Goals

In order to provide the equipment, locations, and training for our camps and clinics, we greatly appreciate donations from local businesses and national organizations. No matter what you’re able to contribute, your generosity will have a strong impact on our program and communities across the country.

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