The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation is the fundraising entity behind the Payne Stewart Golf Camps & Clinics. These unique programs provide a complete golf learning experience for kids ages 4-9 years old. Using unconventional spaces to bring golf to the masses, the camps and clinics make any gymnasium or soccer field a golf learning center to teach children the fundamentals of both golf and life.

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To continue increasing the accessibility of golf, Payne Stewart Golf Camps & Clinics strives to make its events available to as many people and communities as possible. By partnering with local churches and community organizations like the YMCA that has a gymnasium or green grass space, the organization provides kids with a safe location to engage in a new activity.

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Families around the country benefit from our camps and clinics, which are made possible by donations from local and national partners. Donated funds are used towards numerous aspects of our programs to purchase new equipment, expand the program’s reach, and more.

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Who Was Payne Stewart?

Payne Stewart was a world-renowned professional golfer who claimed 11 PGA TOUR victories, including three major championships. A year before his tragic death in 1999, his family started a foundation to help kids experience the joy of Christianity through the fun of golf. They were especially interested in helping inner-city children around the country experience the pleasure of going to summer camp.

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Our Mission

Payne Stewart Golf Experiences advance Payne’s vision by creating new golf spaces that give more families with kids the ability to learn and play golf. This is the first and only golf learning program to combine fun, games-based play with modified, age-appropriate golf equipment and faith-based life skills curriculum.

Our goal is to support this introductory to golf program by raising funds to help expand the camp locations, provide adequate equipment, give families in need an opportunity to participate, and assist with other donation opportunities.

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Payne Stewart Golf Camps & Clinics is the Best Introductory to Golf Program I Have Ever Seen!

Caz McCaslin
Founder of Upward Sports and current FCA Executive Director of League and Club Sports.

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